Synergy 2022

The annual tech fest of IIITB


17 th & 18 th February '22

Hackathon registrations are now open!


Word From the Team

IIIT Bangalore is back with a bash with our new iteration of Synergy. So people, hold on to your laptops as we present to you one of the most exciting and enriching fests of our institute. Synergy is coming along with a plethora of events. We are sure you will have an experience of a lifetime. Come! Be a part of this fun ride along with us. See you at the starting point of a marathon filled with mind-boggling events!

This website is the starting point of the fest! Here, you will find all the information on Synergy 2022. So make sure you explore all the pathways available to you!


Events part of Synergy

Event timeline of Synergy for 17th & 18th February, 2022

Note : The speaker names with asterisk(*) are yet to be confirmed.